Join the Jury: The Innovation In Politics Awards 2023

It’s already been five years since the Innovation in Politics Awards kicked off. We are very grateful for your contribution so far and hope to have you again on board for our 2023 edition!

Challenging times are known to foster the space for courageous and creative politics to emerge more than ever. This is why politicians at the forefront of positive change deserve our support. 

Join the 1000 jurors who choose the greatest political innovations in Europe

Every year, we adapt the Awards categories to reflect the most pressing challenges for politics and society. And as Europe faces increasing challenges in politics, economy and climate, this year, we are introducing five new Awards categories: Democracy Technologies, Government Improvement, Social Cohesion, Local Development and Party Innovation.

For each Award ten finalists and one winner will be chosen, who will be announced at a gala in May 2023, which all finalists will be invited to attend. The winning projects will be selected by a Europe-wide Citizens’ Jury, of 1,000 members, in January 2023.

It is your contribution that makes it possible to shine a light on the greatest political innovators in Europe and we would be honoured if you were willing to take part once again: by registering yourself or by sharing this post with your network. 

Should you be interested, simply click here to register:

Your Jury Membership

As a Juror, you gain exclusive insights into the Innovation in Politics Awards, become part of a raffle for your chance to win a trip to our awards events in May 2023 and will receive a personal jury certificate.

Your vote as a juror will select Europe’s most innovative political projects. You can evaluate your projects online and at your own pace and your evaluation will remain anonymous on our secure online platform.

Your experience as a Juror

We’ve asked our jurors from the previous Awards why they joined our initiative, and what is, to them, innovation as a driver of political best practice. Their stories honor us, they centre and strengthen our mission, and always remind us of the fabric of what it takes to achieve good political work – that is not only an exercise in humbleness, leadership and awareness but the centerfold of so many different and yet cohesive examples of a strong democracy. 

We share with you some of the most motivating, moving and insightful answers we have received from our jurors. We hope they will inspire you to join this year’s jury, too, and help us shine a light on the most courageous and creative politicians in Europe. 

“Innovations in politics are more important than ever because democracy is under attack. To learn about so many brilliant projects and to evaluate them according to criteria like sustainability, improvement of life, and participation, was an honour and pleasure at the same time.” Petra Vivien, Germany

“I believe we must recognise new solutions to our social problems, and The Innovation in Politics Awards support these ideas and help this knowledge to become available across Europe. As a juror, I am committed to evaluating these projects with an assertive vision and contribute to advancing political and social innovation” Natália, Portugal

“Being in the jury and evaluating projects from all over Europe is an incredible experience. It is far from easy to be a member of the jury of such an important award such as The Innovation in Politics Awards. We as jurors had to assess objectively, hold on to feelings and remain neutral, and in my opinion, we all coped with this. We are members of the jury, as ordinary citizens of Europe feel the power of direct democracy through such projects!” Ibrakhim, Ukraine

“I love the opportunity to see how other places in Europe look at solving problems and comparing them to how we do so here. There’s a lot we can learn from close, international cooperation and lessons we can adapt to better improve our own decision making process”.
Daniel Lynch, Ireland

“I loved the chance to see the imaginative ways in which dedicated people all across Europe are trying to make their community a better place, often in parallel to one another. It moves me to see how across borders and languages and cultures people from one end of the continent to the other are all faced with similar challenges, and act on them with similar determination. The Innovation in Politics Awards provide these dispersed efforts with a forum to bring them together, so we can see how they dovetail, learn from one another, and multiply their force.” 
Eoghan Thomas Moran, Ireland

“To transcend the boundaries of established systems and rules in politics, we need the courage to make changes and not to take advantage of populism. We need systemic and solution focused ways of thinking with short term effects in the frame of long term positive vision in people’s lives through politics. It’s a kind of “creative gardening” of public systems and policies for people.”
Petr Friedrich, Czechia

“[The Awards] open a door for a win-win situation, where society can benefit from the practical constructive projects while their creators get the deserved appreciation and promotion for them. I see political innovation as a new approach in finding solutions to the main problems with which the society at large is confronted, with focus on fairness and giving a chance to the voices less heard to be listened to; political innovation is not static, but progressive, changing as many times is needed and improving the agenda of things to do, as for the political innovation the most essential and only agenda is the welfare of all people.” 
Ion-Marius Tatomir, United Kingdom

“What I like is not about the Award, it is about triggering young minds and motivating them to contribute to the community by their input. Political innovation is what brings improvements on old ideas to make them less flawed and this should be based on experience. At the same time innovations are completely new ideas and alternatives when old systems stop working or fail in providing prosperity and progress. The aim is not to let stagnation prevent progress.” 
Mustafa Allouch

If our jurors’ statements sparked your interest, please find all necessary information about the citizens’s jury and the Awards process here. We look forward to hearing from you!

*The above answers have been edited for clarity and conciseness.