Apprenticeship in Vorarlberg

A new approach to recruiting apprentices aims to inspire the next generation of skilled workers through the use of new technologies and the creation of regional and national communication networks.


The association Lehre in Vorarlberg (Apprenticeship in Vorarlberg) was founded by the State of Vorarlberg, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of Labour. The project gives young hopefuls the opportunity to experience one of more than 200 apprenticeships that are currently available across Vorarlberg and to understand the future that awaits them in the professional world. The aim is to inspire the young people of today to train and become the skilled workers of tomorrow. This is achieved through the participation of young people, the use of the latest technologies, new forms of communication and new online training formats.


The website contains a wealth of information about the apprenticeships on offer – and thanks to a direct cooperation with the job-seekers centre AMS, young people also have access to information on current vacancies. In addition, potential applicants can now experience jobs using Virtual Reality (VR) technology: the Oculus Go VR headset features an app with 360 degree 3D videos, allowing you to beam yourself directly into the world of work. Exclusive events and opportunities to work with new technologies attract the interest of the younger generation, while the bundling of smaller initiatives and processes throughout the country creates invaluable synergies and cooperations.


The project was adapted in 2020 by the Chamber of Commerce and has since spread nationwide. In order to facilitate better communication between the 7,000-plus apprentices in Vorarlberg, a server was created with input from the apprentices. The apprentice network strengthens the bonds between the participants themselves, as well as improving the image of apprenticeships among their families and friends. The programme is supported by companies and trainers alike. Smaller establishments in particular benefit from the initiative by finding new employees and helping to train them.

Project owner
Markus Curin
Managing Director
Project owner
Marco Tittler
Minister of Economy Vorarlberg