Basic Income for Care Leavers in Wales Pilot

The Welsh Government's basic income pilot tests how a limited period of basic income payments helps support care leavers in Wales to transition from care into adulthood.


Too many young people leaving care face huge barriers to achieving their hopes and ambitions; to finding a safe and stable home; to integrating into society; and, to securing a job and building a fulfilling career. This pilot aims to help care leavers live a life free of such barriers and limitations. It is designed to support young care-leavers to grow into the adults they want to be. Basic income payments are a direct investment in young care-leavers and build on existing support to give these young adults the space to thrive, making the transition out of care easier and more positive.


The pilot will provide more than 600 care leavers in Wales, turning 18 between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023 ,with 1,600 GBP per month (before tax) for two years. They are also offered individual advice and support to help them manage their finances and develop financial and budgeting skills. The scheme has been designed with trust, autonomy, and respect at its heart, and draws on the experience of other pilots. Care leavers have also been directly involved in the design of the pilot, together with professionals working with care leavers.


This pilot is an ambitious and groundbreaking policy – the first of its kind in the UK. The pilot has seen a higher take-up rate than that of other opt-in basic income schemes worldwide, reflecting the generous and innovative offer to this group of young people. The pilot's aim is to provide independence and security to people who have faced immense challenges during their childhood, giving them greater control and empowering them to make decisions about their future. It is hoped the pilot will set care leavers on a path to live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives. The impact of receiving a basic income is expected to echo through a person's life, long after the payments stop.

Project owner
Gill Davies
Head of Basic Income Pilot Team
Project owner
Jane Hutt MS
Minister for Social Justice and Chief Whip
Project owner
Mark Drakeford MS
The First Minister of Wales
Project owner
Julie Morgan MS
Deputy Minister for Social Services