Beatriz Galindo Center for Homeless Women Victims of Violence

The Beatriz Galindo Centre incorporates the gender perspective into the municipal network of homeless care resources by addressing the specific needs of homeless women. 


The Beatriz Galindo Centre is aimed at homeless women from a gender perspective. 35 years of experience in caring for homeless people, shows there is a need to provide specialised responses adapted to the different situations of homelessness. From that perspective this centre emerged, in November 2021, offering a specific response to homeless women's situations.


These are women who have had very damaging life experiences. Most of them have suffered sexist violence in their adulthood and, before that, child abuse. Others have experienced processes of migration or prostitution. That is why these women develop mental disorders or addictions, to survive difficult situations. The Beatriz Galindo Centre uses a person-centred working methodology, considering the specific problems of each of the women, in a safe and protected environment.


This project has brought about changes in the approach to care for homeless women throughout the rest of the homeless support services, introducing the perspective of individualised, integrated care and co-creation with the women themselves. Since the beginning, 96 women have already benefited from this centre, 51 women have participated in the harm reduction programme, 16 women have benefited from the mental health programme, and 59 women have recognised and worked on their problems arising from gender violence. 

Project owner
Jose Fernandez
Councillor for Social Policy, Family and Equality
Project team
Laura Castanos
General Director for Social Inclusion
Project team
Yolanda Garcia
Head of the homelessness prevention and care department
Project team
Silvia Feijoo
Deputy to the department of homelessness prevention and care
Project team
Raquel Muros
General Coordination of social policies , family and equality