Housing Cooperatives in Barcelona

© Sostre Cívic. photographer Joan Guillamat

Sostre Cívic is a housing cooperative operating under the right-to-use model, which unites various projects to facilitate self-management in housing development for its members.


Sostre Cívic pioneers a new housing model in Spain, favouring right-to-use cooperatives over traditional ownership. By maintaining collective property post-development, it rejects speculation and encourages communal living. Sostre Cívic's unique cooperative structure aims to empower individuals in the promotion and management of their own homes. By enabling residents to participate actively in decision-making and ensuring accessibility to those excluded from traditional housing markets, Sostre Cívic promotes a transformative vision.


Its main activities involve orchestrating 25 cooperative housing projects totalling over 500 units, with 170 homes already occupied by members. Notably, recent developments include three projects on municipal public land, providing 60 homes, while two additional similar projects are ongoing, set to offer more than 70 units each. The project's primary focus lies in addressing Barcelona's housing challenges by fostering cooperation, sustainability, and non-speculative housing practices. Additionally, it fosters social inclusion, aiding vulnerable groups like young migrants.


The intended outcomes encompass not only the provision of affordable homes, but also the empowerment of residents, sustainable design, and living practices, and advocacy for cooperative housing models. Sostre Cívic's broader goal is to establish a stable, legally-supported framework for these cooperatives, ultimately reshaping Barcelona's housing landscape into one that is democratically managed, socially inclusive, and self-sustaining. 

Project owner
Jose Téllez
Press Officer
Project team
Lucía Martín González
Councilor of Bcn City Council 2019-2023
Project team
Eva Ortigosa
Project Manager of Sostre Civic cooperative
Project owner
Carlos Alcoba
President of Sostre Civic cooperative