The Family Card

The Family Card programme is an innovative social aid project that provides cash cards to vulnerable families for the purchase of food and hygiene products, allowing them to save their income for other essential expenses.


The Family Card (Tarjeta Familias) is aimed at addressing the social and economic crises caused by the pandemic through direct financial support to citizens. By providing social aid in the form of a cash card that can be used to purchase food and hygiene products from any shop, the project uses a rights-based approach to protect the dignity of vulnerable families.



Managed by the Social Services department, the Family Card is a cash card that allows families to purchase food and hygiene products that can be used in any shop. This allows families to save their income for other essential expenses, such as rent and utilities. Families receive a card each month, allowing them to purchase products that meet their own criteria and needs at local shops. The project also employs technological support tools, such as an app and a call centre for assistance. Almost 18,000 cards have already been issued since the programme began in November 2020, and 16.3 million EUR have been invested in this programme. Finally, the amounts issued each month are adjusted to account for emergent issues. For example, the income ceiling for access to the programme was recently raised by 40% and monthly payments were raised 10% in order to account for inflation.



So far, the cards have protected vulnerable families, particularly single-parent households with children, and standardised the level of public support received across 21 districts. The project has also established specialised processing units and a continuous monitoring system that allows for funds to be redistributed between territories if necessary. This person-centred approach focuses on implementing the principles of autonomy, responsibility, and dignity, allowing people to purchase what they want without stigmatisation.

Project owner
José Aniorte Rueda
Madrid City Councillor for Families, Equality and Social Welfare
Project owner
Alejandro López
Madrid General Coordinator for Families, Equality and Social Welfare
Project owner
Mar Ureña Campaña
Madrid General Directorate for Social Services and Social Emergency