La Noche es Joven (The Night is Young)

La Noche es Joven (The Night is Young) is a programme initiated by the City Council of Santander that opens its facilities to the youth of the city at night, on weekends, to offer a series of different activities.


La Noche es Joven provides an alternative to just 'going to bars and nightclubs', with activities interesting for young people and linked to youth culture, such as music and modern dance, comics, graffiti, and independent art, films, music, and theatre. Having identified and involved the main social actors, each edition is managed by between thirty and forty associations, entities, and local groups.


La Noche es Joven offers creative, healthy, and non-consumerist youth leisure possibilities that are free-of-charge and don't involve alcohol or addictive substances. The main objective of the programme is to promote an alternative model of nightlife in the city. More creative, healthy, non-commercialised, participatory, and plural leisure options that move away from the usual consumption practices and the risks associated with them.


The programme aims to reach all young people from various age groups, thanks to a wide range of activities for all tastes. While sports tend to attract younger adolescent age groups, cultural activities tend to attract young adults. The average age is around 21 years old, with a majority of girls (60%). It should be noted that a model of leisure has been promoted which, far from being testimonial, is multitudinous and in which thousands of young people socialise every year.

Project owner
Noemí Mendez Fernández
Councilor for Education, Culture and Youth of the Santander City Council.