This free open-source platform allows institutions all over the world to initiate participation processes, leading to the democratisation of development.

A PLATFORM FOR PARTICIPATORY PROCESSES is a free open-source platform that enables organisations and institutions to initiate participatory processes like deliberation, decision making, collaboration and co-design. It can be used, copied, modified or shared with any kind of organisation, no matter its scale. Thanks to that, more than 300 cities and organisations around the world now use Decidim.


Metadecidim is a community with a democratic governance structure which opens up a new way of developing technologies for the public sector. Decidim has a secure and encrypted voting system which also facilitates other participation mechanisms, such as petitions, citizen councils and assemblies, surveys, debates and sortition, etc. Decidem currently has more than 700,000 registered participants around the world.

EXPANDING CITIZEN PARTICIPATION has 120,000 active participants, with 27,000 citizen proposals and 3,500 physical meetings as part of over 50 participatory processes. The recent participatory budgeting process involved more than 45,000 people participating with proposals and voting, which resulted in the implementation of the Superblocks model of gaining space for pedestrians and green areas across the city.

Project owner
Arnau Monterde
Director of Democratic Innovation at the Barcelona City Council
Project team
Angela Precht
Head of Communications