Easy Government

Easy Government invites people with disabilities and socially vulnerable people to redesign legal and administrative texts, using easy reading, to create simpler communication materials for all audiences.


Language used by the public administration in public consultations is often too technical, leaving out the youth, non-Spanish residents, people with disabilities, and the elderly from participatory processes. In a series of workshops, people with disabilities work hand-in-hand with public officials to prepare new wording of complex texts, laws, and forms using the easy-to-read methodology. With their special view on the world and their unapologetic advice, Aragon designs better public services.


Easy Government seeks to improve accessibility of information in administrative documents, forms, plans, or laws while they are being drafted. More than a 100 people with disabilities have worked hand-in-hand with public officials to make public services more accessible, and their contributions can positively affect more than 100,000 people with disabilities who live in Aragon. The views and sensitivities of people with intellectual disabilities or mental health illnesses, that normally fly under the radar of institutions, have been able incorporated into public processes for the first time.


The final objective of the project is to facilitate the understanding of fundamental government communications to a broader sector of the community. A population that, otherwise, may have difficulties and barriers to access. The transparency of the 21st century is no longer about disseminating tonnes of data and information, but about communicating with citizens in the same language registers that they use, especially if groups with special difficulties should understand us.

Project owner
Miguel Ángel Lafuente Belmonte
General Director of Institutional Relations, Foreign Action and Transparency of the Government of Aragon
Project team
Susana Barriga Corregidor
Head of Citizen Participation Service
Project team
María Jesús Latorre Martín
Head of Transparency Service
Project team
Santiago Aguado Villasol
Full Inclusion Aragón Technician
Project owner
Elisa Barrera Meneses
Coordinator for the Creation of Accessible Spaces at Plena Inclusión Aragón