Transparency in Private Entities (TEP)

The Transparency in Private Entities (TEP) platform enables private entities of any size, including associations and small companies, to comply with transparency regulations in Spain.


Transparency regulations in Spain require private entities that receive public aid or subsidies to disclose the support that they receive. However, the kinds of entities that receive support are very diverse, and many of them have few resources or lack a website. Because small companies are not in the same position to comply with transparency obligations as larger companies, the Transparency in Private Entities (TEP) platform allows associations, small companies, and other smaller private entities to be more transparent.


TEP provides the means for entities of any size to be transparent and accountable through the transparency portal. The true proof of its success is that between February and November 2022, more than 400 entities have already registered. In order to improve its impact, TEP has collaborated with civic and public entities that grant subsidies for its implementation.


The TEP platform is the first and only tool of its kind in Spain. It is a new service that provides a permanent solution to the problem of compliance with transparency obligations, using the possibilities of technology to facilitate transparency and regulatory compliance for associations and small companies. In addition, it is a tool designed with usability criteria that automatically retrieves the subsides data directly from the Administration's platforms, thus facilitating the publication process for the entities who use it.

Project owner
Andrés Gomis
Director General of Transparency, Attention to Citizens and Good Governance
Project team
Beatriz Serón
Head of the Transparency Service in Public Activity