SYMON: An Intelligent Monitoring System for the Elderly

The SYMON intelligent monitoring system uses innovative technology to address the wellbeing of older citizens from three perspectives: health, loneliness, and leisure.


Many of our elders suffer from loneliness and feel isolated, but it's thanks to them we have come this far. Supporting them, taking care of them, ensuring that their lives continue to be productive and satisfying are the pillars on which our project is based. In addition, continuous feedback allows us to adapt our policies, collecting first-hand information about their real needs and concerns, and reducing the digital gap.


Preliminary market consultation, financed by the Valencian Innovation Agency, defined the best technology for this project and obtained the necessary functionalities to implement the municipal policies to meet the real needs of our elderly. We reduce the problems associated with loneliness, take care of wellbeing, and enhance the enjoyment of leisure and municipal culture by adapting it to individual preferences. 


The system benefits the wellbeing of our elderly and other groups, reporting the necessary information to adapt municipal policies to the needs of the groups where it is implemented, and generating predictive algorithms based on AI. A technological base is generated from which the problems associated with loneliness are addressed, incorporating the participation of professionals and volunteers, and providing information to the control panels that allow the best decisions to be made to improve the lives of our citizens. 

Project owner
Javier Morales Belvis
C.I.O. (Head of the Innovation, Information Technology and Digital Agenda Service) in the Alicante City Council
Project owner
Antoño Peral Villar
Fourth deputy mayor, Councilor of Innovation, Computing and Digital Agenda