HackShield in the Class

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HackShield in the Class is a free programme that empowers children to protect themselves and others against cybercrime through fun and interactive educational activities, while providing teachers with the necessary tools for preparing their students for a digital future.


With a growing number of phishing e-mails, WhatsApp scams, and stolen passwords, learning to interact safely on the internet is becoming increasingly challenging. HackShield in the Class empowers children to protect themselves and others against cybercrime by educating them in a fun way, while providing teachers with the tools they need to develop engaging lessons.


The HackShield in the Class programme sees children as heroes, making them Cyber Agents who can protect themselves and others against cybercrime. The lesson materials, developed in collaboration with specialists and professionals to ensure that HackShield is both fun and educational, include lessons plans, learning objectives, discussion concepts, and fun videos. Through accessible and interactive learning activities that involve gaming and storytelling, children engage in collaborative play and are encouraged to learn from one another and understand different perspectives. The programme also provides teachers with an easily accessible and interactive way to teach children about cybercrime and prepare them for a digital future.


Since the inception of HackShield in 2018, it has been evaluated by external parties and researchers, including a 2021 evaluation of a learning module, or “Quest”, on the topic of copyright. Researchers concluded that the module produced significant learning effects, with children who played the Quest not only able to comprehend and explain the idea of copyright better, but also express an opinion and original ideas on the topic. These positive learning outcomes are becoming increasingly widespread: the programme is free for children and schools, and more than 25% of Dutch municipalities are already involved in the project.

Project owner
Tim Murck
Co-Founder of HackShield