MoBio – Mobile Biography for New Immigrants

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A structured storage platform for biographical data facilitates the integration process for newly arrived migrants, allowing them to more easily navigate and manage the support services available to them.


New immigrants to the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis work together with a large number of institutions who support them in their integration process. In this process, data on educational and professional biographies is collected, certificates are issued and multiple forms are filled out. MoBio provides a structured storage platform for biographical data that is usually very frequently required in the course of the integration process by several governmental institutions. It therefore resembles a constantly updated digital CV.


MoBio creates a sustainable basis for new immigrants to be able to shape their lives in Germany more independently, and makes it easier for them to receive support from institutions. Since the end of August 2018, new immigrants have been able to register themselves on MoBio and enter their personal data, including information on their language skills and their educational and professional backgrounds. Data transfer to other actors involved in the integration process is also possible, subject to the consent of the new immigrants. This integrated data-transfer processing is an outstanding feature of MoBio and represents a major step forward in supporting refugees in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.


MoBio is an intuitive digital tool that gives a well-defined, documented and systematic overview which facilitates integration steps in coordination with newcomers. Input is available in Arabic, Farsi, German, English and French, allowing communication barriers to be more easily overcome. While MoBio is used as a case management tool by the integration management and social counselling services in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, new immigrants maintain complete sovereignty over their own data. Overall, MoBio provides the basis for self-empowered and independent integration management.

Project team
Rolf Hackenbroch
Education Coordinator for New Immigrants
Project team
Reinhard Mitschke
Education Coordinator for New Immigrants
Project team
Elena Albrecht
Education Coordinator for New Immigrant
Project owner
Stefan Dallinger
Leader of the district authority