Make Government Effective and Efficient through Change Management Practices

A project management strategy is introduced to assist in the implementation of national policies on the local level, helping to establish a more efficient government.

CHANGing governance PROCESSes

This long-term initiative introduces changes to management processes in the public sector. For many years, Lithuanian governments have faced difficulties coordinating the implementation of national reforms. The aim of this project is to apply best practices to implement key national reforms and set government priorities.


The initiative is creating a higher level of transparency in the public sector, since all projects and their corresponding project managers are published. Relying on the implementation of the Government’s programme through the principles of project management provides society with reassurance that politicians are fully accountable for their political agenda. The project motivates the media to be a watchdog as well, by preparing and disseminating press releases after each meeting of the Strategic Projects Portfolio Committee. This in turn encourages citizens to comment, react, and participate in the decisions being showcased on social and other media portals. Thus, the project contributes greatly to fostering so called 'critical citizenship'. As a result of this initiative, responsible project owners and managers were appointed to drive implementation of 44 strategic projects; a Project Management Office was established to ensure uniform project management standards across public sector institutions; the newly established Strategic Projects Portfolio Committee meets monthly; and, six structural policy reform programmes were added to the Strategic Projects Portfolio.


This initiative is beneficial not only for the government itself, but also contributes greatly to changing Lithuanian society. The primary focus on results-based management maximises economic and social benefits of each project, and increases accountability and transparency. All this falls in line with the government’s international commitments to the Open Government Partnership.

Project owner
Lukas Savickas
Adviser to the Prime Minister of Lithuania, City Council Member at Vilnius City Municipality