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Sophia is a digital chatbot that anonymously assists survivors of domestic violence in gathering potential evidence, provides access to resources and support, and continuously evolves to meet the needs of survivors globally.


Despite one in three women experiencing domestic violence, only 40% of survivors seek help, and a mere 10% report the violence to police. To combat this issue, the Sophia project utilises a victim-centred approach, combining global resources with local partnerships to break down barriers that prevent survivors from seeking help.


Sophia is a digital companion that anonymously assists survivors of domestic violence. The app is available 24/7, accessible in every country, and is currently offered in 12 languages. Assisting more than 12,000 users in over 20 countries since its December 2021 launch, Sophia is the first chatbot of its kind, allowing survivors to gather potential evidence and seek help safely and securely without leaving a digital trace. The app includes an untraceable function that allows users to store potential evidence, accessible through a steganographic image password to ensure survivor safety. The chatbot has also been tested by domestic violence experts and survivors to ensure that it meets their needs. The app is also continuously adapted to provide more support, including the addition of a video chat option for users with low literacy.


Sophia's accessibility and safety features make it an ideal resource for survivors worldwide. The Sophia app has received numerous awards and accolades for its innovative approach, including the Swiss Future Prize, the Global Impact Award (Zendesk), the Innovation in Global Security Prize (GCSP), the Female Founder Newcomer Award, and recognition from MIT. The project hopes to have long-term impact by creating a global solution to domestic violence, tailored to different countries, cultures, and user needs. By centralising local resources and support, Sophia will serve as a global source of information and assistance for survivors, promoting their security, stability, and health.

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Executive Director and Founder
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