How to Drive Change and how not to

Gerald Babel-Sutter - Co-Founder & CEO / URBAN FUTURE Global Conference, Austria
5 February 2021, 9.15 am (CET)

Learnings from City and Business Leaders who Drive Sustainability

Gerald Babel-Sutter manages the URBAN FUTURE Global Conference, Europe’s largest event for making cities sustainable. Even though no city really equals another, his work with city leaders from all across Europe on aspects of sustainability allowed him to identify critical ingredients that are used by most leaders who drive change successfully. Join Gerald in this webinar who will provide a brief overview of key success factors and share corresponding episodes from city leaders from around the world that will help you drive transformations in your communities more effectively.

Visual recording: How to Drive Change and how not to, 5 February 2021 | Harald Karrer

About Gerald Babel-Sutter

Gerald Babel-Sutter is co-founder and CEO of UFGC. As a passionate “change maker” he is responsible for the event’s long-term development and for further strengthening the broad partner network of already more than 100 organisations. Through his long-standing domestic and international networking efforts with mayors, city planners and urban decision-makers, he possesses comprehensive insights into the sustainable development of cities. Gerald is a regular speaker and moderator at urban events and publishes frequently in the media as well as to his 10,000+ followers on social media.