What we do

We develop projects and programmes for politicians, institutions, civil society and citizens to make democratic politics more successful. As of today, we have established a community of more than 5,000 politicians throughout Europe, who participate in our programmes and provide their know-how and experience to their peers.

In all our activities, we apply our unique method: identify best practice, develop core insights and localise them, and implement innovative political work for specific tasks.


We recognise and support those politicians who have the courage to break new ground, who are creative and achieve real results. We bring their innovative work to the fore, so that it may serve as a source of inspiration.

European Capital of Democracy

We are building a stronger Europe with resilient democracies. Starting in autumn 2021, every year a different city will be designated the European Capital of Democracy. It will serve as the stage and floor for all of us who engage to innovate and strengthen democracy.


Within the framework of ACT NOW, we accompany citizens and politicians from Europe and the MENAT region in developing projects to strengthen social cohesion, citizen engagement and youth empowerment in regions, cities and villages.

POLIS Project

Building on expertise gained in successful political work from all over Europe, we bring together international project-owners, politicians, experts and citizens to co-create new policies in creative and unique formats.

Further Activities of the Institute

Learn more about what we do and who we work with. 

Coping with the Crisis

The coronavirus crisis poses major challenges for everyone. We collect, document and provide innovative practices in dealing with the crisis across Europe and at all political levels. On this platform we make the best practices available to politics and society.


A celebration of innovation, creativity, and groundbreaking political work on the forefront of democracy