The digitalisation of community organising

During the last fifteen years, we have seen the emergence of new political movements globally with a community organising approach towards political engagement. Before that, we saw political parties trying to use mobilisation as their

Circling back to the benefits of a Circular Economy

We spoke with Cynthia Reynolds about the avenues through which Circular Regions support digital infrastructure and approaches to help both urban and rural communities make the shift from a linear to a circular economy.


The iValues Awards 2021 received 279 project submissions from all over the MENA region – more than anyone expected. We are excited to see such an outstanding number of participants and have now invited citizen

ProxyAddress: Lifeline for UK’s homeless

ProxyAddress, winner of The Innovation in Politics Award 2020 in the category Human Rights, gives UK’s homeless their lives back by giving them an address. We spoke with architect Chris Hildrey about how he came up with the idea and how not even a pandemic could stop him from making the project come to life.