The Innovation in Politics Awards 2021

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Innovation in Politics Awards! We invite politicians from all over Europe to submit their most outstanding political initiatives. A jury of 1,000 citizens will then select the winning projects in nine categories.

How Young People Can Be Changemakers

With the ACT NOW Youth Network, The Innovation in Politics Institute is creating a platform for empowering young people to be changemakers in their communities.

Insights into our first prototype testings

In the last blog we provided you with insights into the focus groups we conducted in the last months. Based on the generated insights we decided to build testable prototypes for a learning experience that leverages network effects, enables self-directed learning, and is radically practical.

How does an ideal learning experience look like?

In our focus group discussions with political professionals, we tested five hypotheses to understand what kind of political training they need. The sessions clearly indicated that a new approach is necessary.

There is a need, but…

In this blog of the series “The Evolution of Polis” we talk about our learnings after meeting with political professionals from across Europe and discussing what it takes to transform political training and development.

How to Innovate Political Parties

Based on our research for POLIS we have crated a spherical model of party innovation which follows an open innovation approach.

Bringing up The Innovation in Politics Awards 2020

2020 challenged us to find solutions for problems we did not know existed. The Innovation in Politics Awards proved that global crises could not curb the innovative spirit of politicians across Europe. We only had to find a way to make it visible.