ProxyAddress: Lifeline for UK’s homeless

ProxyAddress, winner of The Innovation in Politics Award 2020 in the category Human Rights, gives UK’s homeless their lives back by giving them an address. We spoke with architect Chris Hildrey about how he came up with the idea and how not even a pandemic could stop him from making the project come to life.

Political Intrapreneurship: Stage 1 – Understanding the party as a system

If Political Entrepreneurs do not fully understand critical aspects of the political system they want to disrupt, they will fail. And by understanding I mean a deep intellectual and emotional appreciation; an intimacy that is comparable to love – even though sometimes mixed with hate for some aspects of it.

Political Intrapreneurship: An Introduction

Political parties are the most complex social organisations on earth. They are among the most long-lived, and among the most structurally conservative. All those attributes are the reason why political parties are incredibly hard to innovate.