Political Intrapreneurship: Stage 1 – Understanding the party as a system

If Political Entrepreneurs do not fully understand critical aspects of the political system they want to disrupt, they will fail. And by understanding I mean a deep intellectual and emotional appreciation; an intimacy that is comparable to love – even though sometimes mixed with hate for some aspects of it.

Political Intrapreneurship: An Introduction

Political parties are the most complex social organisations on earth. They are among the most long-lived, and among the most structurally conservative. All those attributes are the reason why political parties are incredibly hard to innovate.

Mayors talk pitfalls and successes in the Corona pandemic (Part One)

The increased pressure and demand to provide communities with relief during the pandemic makes it critical for citizens to remember that mayors are – above all – people, who must navigate through the same loss and grief as everyone else while remaining strong pillars of leadership.