Session on participation at European Forum Alpbach on 26 August – reserve your ticket here

European Forum Alpbach 2018 and The Innovation in Politics Institute present

Session: “Citizens don’t bite”.
Insights and learnings from successful political participation projects in Europe

26 August 2018, 10.00 am – 12:30 pm
Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria

In this session we present and discuss exemplary political initiatives and projects on participation in politics that engage citizens, build trust and are sustainable.

Participation is a key to successful politics, but for political leaders it is often difficult to implement. Our pre-eminent speakers in this field – practitioners and political innovators – will provide insights on how to successfully integrate citizens into the political process. And, of course, a number of politically engaged citizens will also be joining us.

The session will take place on 26 August from 10 am to 12.30 am, with about 50 attendees from all over Europe. We will provide for a dialog-oriented format and a lively exchange about learnings, do’s and dont’s and experience from political best practice in diverse European countries.

The speakers will be:

Davide Casaleggio:

Davide Casaleggio is a founder of the Rousseau Association which is the core instrument of the Five Star Movement in Italy for decision making processes with the party base.

Eamon Gilmore:

Eamon GIlmore is a former Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland. In 2012, he initiated a successful constitutional convention to revise the constitution of Ireland. The government included 66 randomly chosen Irish citizens, a majority in the group, into the process.

Corina Gredig-Zihlmann:

Corina Gredig-Ziehlmann is a member of the city council of Zurich and founder of the “glp lab” which is a political laboratory for liberal thinkers. It focuses on how to integrate citizens into political processes.

Ekaterina Petrikevich:

Ekaterina Petrikevich is an international project manager at “Democracy 2.1” (D21), a global project launched in 2014 to transform the way communities make decisions.

Enrica Sabatini:

Enrica Sabatini is a city councillor for the 5-Stars-Movement in Pescara and an executive of the Rosseau platform and responsible for developing new functions.

Martin Winkler:

Martin Winkler is the managing director of a business consultancy and founder of the project called “Mitten in Hernals” which aims to promote social solidarity by connecting people in this 17th district of Vienna.

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