(FINALIST 2019) A free security wristband connects elderly and disabled residents with a 24-hour emergency response team.

The Małopolska Tele-Angel project is aimed at 10,000 dependent Małopolska residents who need support in performing basic everyday activities due to their age, illness or disability. These residents now have the possibility to quickly call for help in the event of a threat to life, health or safety, through contact with the Telecare Centre. Participants receive a free security wristband equipped with an SOS button and SIM card which has a 24-hour voice connection with the Centre, where medical rescuers, Telecare assistants and a psychologist are employed. The wristbands are equipped with a built-in fall detector, GPS and heart rate monitor, allowing rescuers to monitor the participants of the project remotely.

The project provides care and neighbourhood services to those most in need of support: 3216 single, dependent, unaccompanied persons. The scope of support is determined on an individual basis, with an average of 20 service hours per month, provided by carers or trained neighbours. Care and neighbourhood services include; assistance with everyday activities, hygienic care, getting out of the house. Approximately 1,600 neighbours (8-hour training) and 160 carers (80-hour training) have been trained to provide these services.


Marta Malec-Lech

Member of the Board of the Voivodeship of Lesser Poland