(FINALIST 2019) This transparent platform enables effective public participation in local governance.

Fluicity is a platform that enables an easy exchange between citizens and local decision makers, which was named the best French GovTech during the Public.io 2018 European summit. Citizens can propose ideas, vote for other people’s ideas, report a malfunction, or take part in consultations – all within the same application.

Local public decision makers can take citizens’ expectations into account thanks to a dashboard from which they can launch consultations and inform the public about news and projects. While the citizens themselves experience participation with an impact – citizens can expect a timely and appropriate response to their proposals. In this way, Fluicity acts as a trusted third-party which helps to maintain a transparent and long-lasting relationship between citizens and decision makers.


Claire Behaghel

Responsable Marketing Produit

Jean Baptiste de Froment

Municipal Councillor