Electronic System Installation to Control Water Leakages

This project confronts the important problem of water leaks and losses in water supply networks using up-to-date smart systems.


The aim of this project is to reduce water losses through the detection and limitation of water leaks in the most densely populated area of the Municipality of Platanias. This area experiences a large seasonal variation in population and water consumption. The system will consist of state-of-the-art equipment and appropriate software, which enables the real-time visualisation of internal water network units. This allows for continuous supervision, quality control, immediate problem detection, and therefore reduction of water losses.


The project includes the installation of 620 Local Consumption-Control Stations, Pressure Measurement and Regulation Devices, as well as two Residual Chlorine Measurement Stations placed in appropriate locations of the network. The success of the project will be a milestone for the Municipality in terms of the transition to the digital age, through remote control management adequately and reliability covering all drinking water needs. This project has reduced leaks by 60% through the faster resolution of problems and better management of network pressure. 


A communication plan (website, conferences, and workshops) is in place, to exchange know-how and disseminate knowledge regarding the innovation by providing information to the public. Positive environmental consequences include the protection of water as a natural resource, since smaller quantities of water will be pumped, and the reduction of energy consumption and therefore the deduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The positive economic consequences are due to savings in water resources and reducing damage restoration costs.

Project owner
Ioannis Malandrakis
Mayor of Platanias
Project owner
Frida Anagnostaki
Project owner
Maurogenis Eftichis
President of the board DEYAVA
Project owner
Lia Nikolaou
General Secretary Municipality of Platanias
Project team
Argyro Paraskaki
Chemical Engineer