Learning Each Other’s Language

To overcome the language barriers in Kosovo, the Municipality of Kamenica holds courses for the Serbian and Albanian citizens who are interested in learning each other’s languages.


In Kamenica, some people only speak the Serbian or the Albanian language. This linguistic barrier leads to no contact, non-understanding, stereotypes, and judgemental attitudes. In many cases it also leads to unemployment.


Aiming to reintegrate the ethnicities, the Municipality started courses for both languages with tailored booklets and an interactive digital platform. Besides learning each other’s language, the participants visit cultural and religious sites and discuss common problems and visions for the future. Community-based development initiatives in Kamenica, such as the painting of a mural in the town centre by Serbian and Albanian artists, are also part of the project.


Over 100 citizens of different ages, backgrounds, and genders have been part of the project so far. Other Municipalities learned from Kamenica and implemented similar programmes. In the future, the project aims to include more people, be more visible, and have a permanent location. The project enhances employment prospects and encourages inter-cultural dialogue between the beneficiaries and members of the existing community.

It is really important to know each other’s language and have contact with each other. It doesn't matter what nationality or religion you are, you have the same problems, you have the same vision about the future of the youth.

Qendron Kastrati, Mayor of the Municipality of Kamenica
Project owner
Qendron Kastrati
Mayor of the Municipality of Kamenica