Open Gdansk

An open data website fosters trust between the city and its inhabitants, making its expenses and other assets transparent.

TRANSPARENCY in local government

As in many cities around the world, there was a need for greater transparency and increasing the trust between the citizens and the local government in Gdansk.


Gdansk is one of the few Polish cities to run an open data programme. It is nowadays probably the only city that publishes daily data on its expenses. The development of an open data policy initially encountered a lot of challenges, but by now it is a fine-tuned mechanism.

building mutual trust

Currently, the platform allows citizens to access various relevant datasets on city finances, demographics, public transport, investments, and the environment. This helped build mutual trust between the local government and the residents.

Project owner
Paweł Adamowicz (1965-2019)
City Mayor of Gdańsk
Project owner
Krzysztof Garski