Preschool Hoppet: Sweden’s First Fossil-Free Construction Project

Preschool Hoppet is a best-practice example of fossil-free, low-emission construction in Sweden.


Preschool Hoppet is a tangible initiative, which stimulates innovation and knowledge acquisition, to create better examples of fossil-free construction. Politicians asked for a fossil-free preschool, and so the City Premises Administration in Gothenburg constructed a preschool using, as much as possible, fossil-free materials and methods.


Tenderers were evaluated and scored based on their environmental impact, regarding fossil-free raw materials, manufacturing, transport, and construction processes. Collaboration between all partners facilitated working together toward common goals. For instance, project partners were encouraged to apply life-cycle thinking, minimise the usage of new materials, and use natural or reused products, etc.


The construction of Hoppet was finished in December 2021, accommodating 144 children. Hoppet represents the biggest challenge ever in the history of Swedish construction: overall carbon emissions of the final product were reduced by 60% by using, for example, a timber frame and cellular glass foundation. The political level now uses Hoppet as the role model for other construction works in the city, in order to minimise the climate footprint.

Project owner
Karin Pleijel
City councillor of Gothenburg