Rain Gothenburg – the world’s best rainy city

The City of Gothenburg celebrates its 400th anniversary by making the most of one of its most abundant assets - rain - in a creative, playful and sustainable way.


The City of Gothenburg provides its citizens with rain 40% of the time, which is equivalent to every third day being a rainy one. These numbers are likely to increase due to climate change. This rainy city is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year, and its citizens stated a desire to get closer to what they are surrounded by, namely, water. Thus, a new initiative sets out to actually use rainwater as a resource.  


The project Rain Gothenburg intends to take advantage of what rain can provide, while finding new and innovative ways to protect the city from the potential damages that rain could cause. This is done by using it to create art and unique experiences, so when it rains Gothenburg becomes the best rainy city in the world. The project is dependent on the weather and works best when it rains a lot, thus adapting to the city's environment in a creative way. 


The outcome of the project is a Rain Playground that gets extra fun when it rains. It also resulted in poetry on manhole covers, the artwork - Now You See It, Now You Don't - which is made with colours that only show when it rains. There is also an ongoing project called the World's Best School When it Rains. By taking advantage of rain in creative and sustainable ways, Rain Gothenburg breaks new ground by making the rain an asset for the city.

Project owner
Eva Flyborg
Member of the Gothenburg City Council