Street Moves

© Credit: Elsa Soläng

The Street Moves project reimagines and redesigns streets with the needs of pedestrians, sustainable modes of transport, and the local community in mind, transforming them into multifunctional and inclusive spaces.


Street Moves is a project that reclaims parking spaces to improve urban living. Experimenting with prototypes that give priority to pedestrians and cyclists, the aim is to reconsider the way streets are used with a view to improving both civic engagement and sustainable mobility. Moving away from unsustainable and exclusionary public spaces, Street Moves breaks new ground. It is an innovative approach to mobility and a first step towards transforming how we see our streets, unleashing their potential to function as extended living spaces for citizens.


Street Moves aims to create interactive streets where citizens can play, cultivate, or just hang out. Experimenting with wooden material (which could be changed based on local needs), multifunctional public spaces are recreated. The aim is to create outdoor furniture, playgrounds, gardens, and gyms, but also charging stations for shared cars and parking for electric scooters. By experimenting with interactive environments, the needs and wishes of local citizens are taken into account. This is not only beneficial for children and young adults, but also for future generations as they move away from fossil-fuel dependency.


According to a survey, more than 70% of the respondents who live in these areas or pass through the streets on a regular basis said the changes have been positive, while only 10% of responses were negative. Street Moves was created by the ArkDes Think Tank together with several players who do not usually collaborate, including: the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Transport Agency, car-sharing company M, Volvo Car Mobility, and electric scooter service Voi. The project is funded by the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova.

Project owner
Daniel Helldén
Vice Mayor, Member of the City Excecutive Board, Head of the Traffic Division, City of Stockholm