The Mosquito Hunters

Experts and volunteer-residents combine forces to collect data in an environmentally-friendly fight against mosquitos.


The citizens of Bratislava remember the summer of 2020 as a mosquito nightmare. The hot weather with tropical temperatures created ideal conditions for the reproduction of the insect. People in the capital were plagued by thousands of mosquitos, which swarmed the city and turned the summer into a calamity. The city, however, found a way to resolve the issue in an environmentally-friendly way.


The city began using a biocade, called BTI, which is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the chemical sprays. However, this only works before larvae turn into adult mosquitoes. Due to this, extensive monitoring of the area is required in order for the biocide to be applied in time. This is where the mosquito hunters come in. The city has launched an inventive campaign looking for volunteers to work alongside experts to collect much-needed data. 


More than 100 volunteers have already signed up. They work alongside the experts and, armed with the necessary equipment for their research, help survey the hatcheries in the forests and fields, collecting the necessary data. The data is then evaluated by a team of experts who decide on the application of the BTI. The more data is collected, the more effective the fight against the unwanted insects and, ultimately, the more pleasant the summer is for all Bratislava's residents. 

Project owner
Matúš Vallo
Mayor of Bratislava