Youth Participatory Budgeting in Rybnik

Youth Participatory Budgeting aims to support the development of ideas, engage students in selecting the most appropriate initiatives, and help young people learn how to make collective decisions in their school communities.


The Youth City Council has been operating in Rybnik for 22 years and consists of 22 elected representatives from 11 high schools. In 2017 the Youth Council initiated Youth Participatory Budgeting, to which the local government allocates 2,500 EUR per year. The project adopts a civic participatory budgeting model, reflects similar organisational principles, and meets the need for civic education by developing decision-making and social skills among young citizens.


Pupils are encouraged to propose projects and present them to their school community. Projects are then voted on by students. Initiatives with the highest number of votes are evaluated by a democratic committee consisting of local government and Youth City Council representatives. One project a year is awarded and implemented. This process integrates and promotes civic attitudes among students, at the same time as improving learning conditions and broadening students' horizons. 


Youth Participatory Budgeting empowers young individuals, inspires cooperation, and stimulates co-creation of the school environment. Since 2017, almost 50 projects from 11 schools have been submitted, and 7 awarded. Hundreds of young innovators and thousands of young voters have been involved in the process, as well as over 60 democratically-elected young jury members. This is crucial to building identity by enabling young people to influence their surroundings.

Project owner
Wojciech Świerkosz
Deputy Mayor of the City of Rybnik
Project team
Katarzyna Korba
Coordinator of the Youth City Council, Centre of Education and Culture in Rybnik
Project owner
Youth City Council