Six projects that fight for gender equality

Gender inequality remains a persistent and pressing issue, despite the systematic efforts of the feminist movement over the past century. Women across the globe still face gender-based discrimination every day that affects their personal and professional lives.

When we speak of gender equality, we usually speak of feminism and women’s rights because women bear a disproportionate load of the negative consequences that gender inequality has caused. 

We tend to measure these negative consequences in tangible terms. Economically, women are statistically paid less than men with the same qualifications. They are often excluded from leadership positions and underrepresented in politics. In their private and public lives, women can face excessive harassment and regularly face challenges to their physical safety and autonomy. 

Gender inequality is difficult to combat because it stems from stereotypes that are deeply ingrained in our society, constructed and reinforced over hundreds of years. They affect us daily, often in ways we are unaware of. This complexity can make the fight for a more just society seem daunting. 

These obstacles are no reason to shy away from working for more equality. Instead, they give us reference points for change. There are countless individuals and organisations across the globe working tirelessly to tackle gender inequality where they can. We want to highlight the following six projects from our showroom, which are taking unique approaches to fight for gender equality and support those negatively impacted by it.