We went on TikTok to show that political work is accessible to everyone. Here’s our journey:

Politics is becoming more polarised, society more fractured and the climate crisis more urgent. We are taking action to create a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable future which puts citizens and their needs first. At the heart of that effort remains innovation. We turned to TikTok to showcase it. 

We wanted to create a format that is accessible, relatable and inclusive, and that inspires people to shift from consuming entertainment content to co-creating it. And we chose Brian Sock, the lead character of our Socks Talk Politics Youtube series (who has also become a beloved team member in this process) to voice those major concerns people have around democracy and enact narratives we’ve developed or scouted along the years that bring solutions to those issues. 

Our journey was not linear. An assembly of four, our communications team jumped through many hoops to close loops when it came to figuring out how to bring political work to TikTok and make it palatable to a very diverse public. As we brainstormed how to kick-start our journey into the platform and bring Brian Sock’s channel to life, we recognised a strong need for more human-centric content on social media, which led us to involve our entire community and team in this process.

For 90 days, Brian will host his show on our TikTok channel, and delve into best political practice projects from our Showroom, hop on trends, interview members of our team on their know-how, and give life advice in his own column, Dear Brian. Every week, he is reaching out to a public figure to counter a major issue in the world with a best practice project – a finalist or winning project in our Innovation in Politics Awards. 


Can #AOC help with the homelessness crisis? Link in bio #briansock #CityofLondon #housing #AOC

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We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we’re learning by building a community for people with a genuine zest for making the world a better place, by improving politics from its core: the citizens. 

If a sock can do it, you can do it too. 

Follow Brian on TikTok here and drop us your suggestions of what you’d like to see on the channel in the comments down below! We’re very curious to learn from your feedback!