(FINALIST 2019) An orchard and greenhouse provides fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly fruit and vegetables for children.

Healthy eating in nurseries and kindergartens is one of the priorities of the municipality of Troyan and the Mayor Donka Mihaylova, who initiated the development of an orchard and a greenhouse where only environmentally-friendly fruit and vegetables are grown for the children. The kindergarten menus have been completely restructured, and kids in the city are already eating healthier, homegrown fruits and vegetables.

The garden has an area of three acres and there are already 600 apple trees, as well as other types of fruit and vegetables. In addition, all of the food served in the nurseries and kindergartens is prepared in a kitchen serving the poor in the municipality of Troyan, which is an additional social innovation. Environmentally-friendly fruit and vegetables support healthy nutrition, strengthen the immune system and reduce exposure to excessive chemical pesticides.


Donka Mihaylova

Mayor of Troyan Municipality