RES Exposures Prepared by the Children of Sevlievo

(FINALIST 2017) School competition: making up for the disadvantages of children in rural areas.

The education opportunities of students from small towns and villages in Bulgaria differ significantly from those in bigger, more developed cities. This induced Ilhan Kyuchyuk, MEP and Chairman of the MRF Youth, to start an initiative to compensate at least in part for this injustice. For the third year he has organised competitions among the students from the Vocational High School of Mechanical Electrotechnics in Sevlievo in Northern Bulgaria – a region where children have very limited opportunities.

The competitions for project development in science, engineering and technology for students from VIII to XII grade aim to encourage young people to develop new
pro grammes, products and projects in economics, chemistry, electronic devices, appliances and communication tools, physics and astronomy, biotechnology, biology, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and understanding environment-related problems. Besides participation in an exhibition and various awards, some of the winners will visit the European Parliament in Brussels to get acquainted with the institution.




Ilhan Kyuchyuk

Member of the European Parliament, Vice President of ALDE party, President of the Youth Movement for Rights and Freedoms