(FINALIST 2019) Educational workshops that prepare adults with intellectual disabilities for parenthood.

Taming Adulthood increases awareness amongst individuals with intellectual disabilities about the challenges associated with adolescence, gender identity, growing up and parenthood. The project develops tools necessary to conduct workshops that familiarise people with intellectual disabilities with the role of parents and provides support to parents coping with natural aspects of the developing sexuality and needs of children with intellectual disabilities. Based on professional and personal experiences, innovators from Gdynia’s Dom Marzen Foundation, supported by the Deputy Mayor, developed an educational method using an infant simulator that enables trainees to experience the role of parent, while preparing for a responsible transition into caring for a real-life infant.

Thanks to this innovation, individuals with intellectual disabilities acquire skills in building self-confidence, independent decision-making, being aware of their own potential and preparing for the challenges of parenthood. This training programme also increases competencies in sexual and family-life education of professionals working with individuals with intellectual disabilities, enabling direct consultation about sexuality for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. This contributes to the further development of an open and inclusive society with equal opportunities for all citizens.


Michał Guc

Deputy Mayor of Gdynia