Advancing Low-Carbon Mobility in Cascais

This initiative stands out for its holistic approach to integrating sustainable mobility, climate resilience, and community-driven innovation as Cascais transitions to carbon neutrality.


As the first Portuguese city to commit to Carbon Neutrality 2050 (2020) and develop a climate adaptation action plan (2017), Cascais is advancing a sustainable integrated-mobility programme to reduce the local carbon footprint and improve the air-quality index. Mobility is a key-sector for decarbonisation, with 52% of local emissions produced by the mobility sector. However, with an estimated gap of 2486k tCO2e for carbon neutrality, innovation is crucial to reach neutrality goals.


Since August 2021, Cascais has four public transport vehicles powered by hydrogen - currently the only ones in Portugal - 100% manufactured in the country. Currently, a station is being constructed to produce 'green' or 'renewable' hydrogen from the electrolysis of water powered by renewables. Since January 2020, municipal public transport is free-of-charge for those who live, study, or work in Cascais to encourage its use. Carbon-neutral mobility can reduce emissions by 216,370 tCO2e per year. By 2050, all municipal buses will use 100% clean energy, replacing the existing carbon bus fleet. 


This initiative catalyses substantial and enduring enhancements in Cascais, driving a paradigm shift toward sustainable urban living. By significantly reducing the local carbon footprint and enhancing air quality, it directly contributes to improved public health and environmental resilience. The project's success in implementing over 60% of its climate adaptation plan showcases its efficacy, setting a precedent for other cities globally. Through extensive network collaborations and knowledge sharing, Cascais ensures that its innovative solutions for mobility and climate resilience are replicable, fostering a global movement towards sustainable urban development and climate action.

Project owner
Carlos Carreiras
Mayor of Cascais
Project staff
Cristina Teixeira
Head of Division Municipal Management Support Department
Project staff
Filipa Pereira
Senior Officer Municipal Management Support Department