Democracy in Action: innovative consultations & citizen participation

Innovative consultation methods enable the Municipality to capture more residents’ opinions and make data-driven decisions.


Civic engagement and transparency are essential to the Municipality of Larissa, which has been a member of the UNESCO Network of Learning Cities since 2015 and co-ordinating city on the subject of Citizenship Education. By continuously working towards fostering trust between citizens and local government, the Municipality promotes innovation and democratic values. AI-powered ChatBots allow residents to participate in a public consultation about local issues in the same way as they would chat with a friend on their favourite app or on the web. 


The Municipality of Larissa wanted citizens to feel more involved in the changes that define their future. Conducting ChatBot consultations, mobile polls, and tele-consultations significantly increases citizens' active participation in the processes that shape their community, keeps them informed about local issues, facilitates their involvement in decision-making, and enhances transparency. By adopting innovative consultation methods and using sponsored social-media campaigns, the Municipality managed to reduce response time, facilitate re-engagement, and get actionable feedback on what residents need.


Within one year, three ChatBot-enabled consultations, a mobile poll, and two live tele-consultations were conducted on issues that required further public discussion. The consultations concerned local priorities, from sustainable urban mobility to budget allocation. Κey outcomes include a three-fold increase in participation compared to traditional consultation methods, an 80% cost reduction for the Municipality, and a 60% increase in re-engagement. Additionally, adopting digital-communication channels and social-media campaigns increased the participation rate of younger citizens.

Project owner
Athanasios Mamakos
Mayor of Larissa
Project owner
Konstantinos Kalogiros
Deputy Mayor for Strategic Planning and Digital Transformation
Project team
Iraklis Bourantas
COO & Co-Founder, Novoville
Project team
Efi Nioma
Marketing & Community Manager, Novoville