These pioneer projects foster the power of democratic best practice

The International Day of Democracy, which is celebrated yearly on the 15th of September, grants us a chance to re-assess the global condition of democracy. Democracy is a process as well as a goal, and it can only be realized with the full participation and support of the international community, national governing bodies, civil society, and people.

The principles of holding periodic and legitimate elections by universal suffrage, as well as the ideals of liberty and respect for human rights, are critical aspects of democracy. As a result, democracy creates an atmosphere conducive to the preservation and effective implementation of human rights.

Since 2017, The Innovation in Politics Awards have honoured 598 people who are at the forefront of political innovation and who pioneer democratic best practices. With this Award, The Innovation in Politics Institute gives visibility to the best political minds in Europe, provides them with a platform to present their innovative projects, and facilitates best practice exchange across borders.

Today, we celebrate a wealth of innovation-driven projects in the category Democracy, and embrace the power of political best practice to generate positive change in cross-border settings of citizen empowerment and engagement:

Your Vote Your Voice

Monaghan County Council has developed an easy-to-read guide to the voting process, with a focus on the needs of disabled voters.

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UrbanLab Gdynia

A cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary programme helps a city achieve sustainability goals, thanks to activities ranging from small community projects to large participation innovations.

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Helvetia Calls!

Helvetia, the female national personification of Switzerland, campaigns for women to enter politics, run for office, and improve democracy.

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