The Jobticket provides discounted public transport for employees, motivating urban commuters to relieve the environment and the whole community of individualised mobility.


As a cultural and industrial city, Linz has over 210,000 jobs, of which almost 108,000 are taken up by commuters living in the surrounding areas. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to take measures, in close cooperation with companies, to relieve the burden on local transport system and environment.


The so-called ‘Jobticket’, which costs 277.20 EUR for a whole year, makes it possible to travel to work in a stress-free, convenient, and comfortable manner. This low price is simply achieved through participating companies in Linz paying a small monthly amount per employee. They then receive the annual ticket for Linz AG Linien (the public transport provider in Linz) for the same price as six monthly tickets. The Jobticket covers the use of all public transport provided by Linz AG Linien, with up to 3,000 people now using this service every year.


This innovative idea not only saves money and benefits the environment, but also helps employees to get to work more quickly and comfortably. Another plus: on weekends and public holidays, a family with up to four children under the age of 15 can travel for free! The Jobticket offers advantages not only for employees but also for their company, since it is deductible as an operating expense, simplifies travel allowances, is accessible for commuters as well as Linz city residents, and reduces the risk of commuting accidents. Although the job ticket is already used by many employees, there is still potential. The City of Linz is trying to connect new businesses with the constant expansion of local transport and urban infrastructure, and to make public transport even more attractive for the working population.

Project owner
Klaus Luger
Mayor of Linz