We honour political work that promotes education, facilitates learning, the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Respect – Stronger Together

The prevention programme addresses everyday problems at school by giving children a voice and involving social workers, teachers and parents.

LE TELE DI ARACNE, Sewing Academy

A new sewing academy is launched in a building confiscated from the Mafia, with the aim of giving new skills to young people from marginalised groups.


A series of events promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, particularly among girls and young women, inspiring the next generation of change-makers.

HackShield in the Class

HackShield in the Class is a free programme that empowers children to protect themselves and others against cybercrime through fun and interactive educational activities, while providing teachers with the necessary tools for preparing their students for a digital future.

The Vision Symphony

Visually impaired musicians participate in research which helps them improve memorisation techniques, and thus preparing the musicians to perform a newly composed Irish symphony with an orchestra.

Innovative School Wutöschingen

An evidence-based approach leads this school to stop using fixed classrooms and hours for its pupils while providing the latest technology and adapting to individual needs.

Municipal University of Ilion

The Municipal University of Ilion offers free training programmes and promotes lifelong learning to enhance social inclusion and sustainable development, helping over 1,570 participants to access remote learning opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


TechUcation@school is a free, digital-training programme which support teachers to recognise the opportunities of digitalisation, for themselves and their students.