We honour political work that promotes education, facilitates learning, the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Zero-Waste Education in Rybnik

Fifty trainee chefs use surplus food from food stores to cook three-course meals for those in need, preventing food waste while feeding the hungry.

Plovdiv Organic Garden

Being surrounded by plants reconnects young people to the earth and their fellow humans; learning about farming gives them new knowledge whilst enhancing their personal development.

Sophia Chatbot

Sophia is a digital chatbot that anonymously assists survivors of domestic violence in gathering potential evidence, provides access to resources and support, and continuously evolves to meet the needs of survivors globally.

Vilnius is a School

Vilnius is a School demonstrates how a technology-enabled platform can transform the educational process, making it more open, inclusive, and engaging.

Big Bocs Bwyd

Big Bocs Bwyd empowers future generations to care about the food they eat, understand how it is produced, and learn about how they can live healthy lives.

Self-Governed Nursery in Rzekuń

An environmentally sustainable and modern nursery provides state-of-the-art facilities for young children, and more flexibility for parents.


TeachMillions is an initiative that was established at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdowns to support teachers and learners in need of distance-learning tools.


An interdisciplinary team of students and recent graduates take on the challenge of building a solar-powered car.