Best Practice in Politics

We curate exemplary political work that successfully tackles today’s most pressing issues. This platform is a hub of tried and tested best practices in politics.

Life Mentorship Programme

The Life Mentorship Programme sees socially excluded people paired with mentors for a year, to help them reintegrate into normal life.

OV-Coaches for Public Transport

The OV-Coach programme provides coaching to children with special needs to learn to use public transport, cycle, or walk to their destination, fostering independent life skills and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Phosphoros Theatre

Phosphoros Theatre builds bravery, creativity, and belonging for young refugees and asylum seekers, co-delivered by practitioners who have experienced forced migration.


Points4Action brings together young and elderly people to combat social isolation and improve quality of life, while offering young people exposure to careers in caregiving roles and supporting local businesses.

Second Home for Ukraine

A collaborative effort involving a broad stakeholder network created this innovative integration programme in Plovdiv, which has provided accommodation and services to nearly 5000 Ukrainian refugees.

The Family Card

The Family Card programme is an innovative social aid project that provides cash cards to vulnerable families for the purchase of food and hygiene products, allowing them to save their income for other essential expenses.

The Winners
of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2024

Citizens of Ankara: Re-Assemble!

This innovative Citizens’ Assembly fosters trust and engagement among citizens and local stakeholders, building a more resilient and cohesive social and political landscape across the City of Ankara.

Condominium E-Voting – Successful E-Democracy

Condominium E-Voting allows residents to communicate their housing issues in a quick, easy, and safe manner, enhancing their engagement in the decision-making process and improving the efficiency of services.