No Wrong Door

Structural changes within council care break the negative cycle for young people, with the introduction of comprehensive, multidisciplinary teams.


No Wrong Door is designed to break the cycle of young people who enter the care system in their teenage years following multiple fostering placements, insufficiently planned periods in residential care, and placement breakdown. Such a cycle can lead to young people becoming increasingly vulnerable and developing offending behaviour, substance abuse, disengagement from education, risk-taking behaviour, and frequently going missing.

North Yorkshire SETS UP TWO HUBS

No Wrong Door replaces traditional council-run care homes with hubs which combine residential care with fostering. North Yorkshire has created two hubs; one in Scarborough to serve the east of the county, and one in Harrogate that serves the west. Each has a dedicated team trained to focus on solutions rather than problems.


Each team includes a life coach, who is a clinical psychologist, a supportive police role, and a speech and communications therapist. It also includes residential care home beds, emergency residential beds, community foster family placements, supported accommodation, supported lodgings, and outreach support.

Project owner
Janet Sanderson
North Yorkshire Councillor and Executive Member for Children’s Services
Project team
Martin Hugh Sanderson