We honour political work that increases participation of citizens – in opinion forming and in decision making.

Irish Constitutional Convention 2013

A major experiment on deliberative democracy leads to the approval of same-sex marriage through a Constitutional Convention, consisting of two-thirds randomly chosen citizens and one-third parliamentarians.

Eberswalde Citizens’ Budget

A system of participatory budgeting is questioned and redefined in order to encourage maximum participation with a low-threshold voting event.

SHE – See Her Elected

This community-led initiative supports women into politics in rural areas of Ireland, strengthening local and national democracy by increasing the diversity of political participation.

The digital democracy platform helps young people in Switzerland to engage in the political debate in a meaningful way.

New Life of the Square

Research on the use of urban space in the Old Town of Szczecin led to limitations on car traffic and increased accessibility for pedestrians.

Nothing about Youth without Youth!

This campaign resulted in a constitutional amendment that reduced the minimum age for government office to 21, increasing possibilities for youth engagement in the political process.