We honour political work that increases participation of citizens – in opinion forming and in decision making.

The Mayor Delivered to Your House

This is the opportunity to invite the Mayor into your living room to discuss citizens’ feedback and to better understand the City’s policies.

Learn Before you Vote

The watchdog network increases the political engagement and knowledge of young people in Lithuania through debates and events.

Our Balbriggan Rejuvenation Plan 2019-2025

Participative public consultations and citizen engagement help a young and diverse town deliver nearly a hundred action items, to rejuvenate the town centre, improve public areas, and enhance residents’ lives.

Electoral District Citizen Assemblies

Electoral District Citizen Assemblies (EDCAs) renew the relationship between residents and their local MPs, with a focus on engaging with those people who are disillusioned and frustrated with the current political scene. Anywhere around Europe a growing number of citizens – the “invisible third” – feels left behind by the political establishment. EDCAs are a low-threshold approach to involve all parts of society into a non-partisan political debate based on random selection and door to door motivation to participate.