We honour political work that increases participation of citizens – in opinion forming and in decision making.

We are the City – Urban Lab Rzeszów

The Urban Lab Rzeszów involves local residents in the development of their city, improving the appearance of the city as well as the quality of life for all residents.

UrbanLab Gdynia

A cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary programme helps a city achieve sustainability goals, thanks to activities ranging from small community projects to large participation innovations.

New Life of the Square

Research on the use of urban space in the Old Town of Szczecin led to limitations on car traffic and increased accessibility for pedestrians.

Vienna Climate Teams

This project links participatory budgeting with climate action, empowering citizens to design and implement climate-friendly solutions in their district.

Citizens Round Tables / Urban Walks

Once a year, participative democracy takes place through discussing locally relevant issues with the officials over a cup of coffee or on the go, with the results being published on the town’s website.