Quality of Life



We honour political work that opens up easy access to modern health services and provides us with a safe and secure living environment – because we all want to live healthy and safe lives.

Malopolska Tele-Angel

A free security wristband connects elderly and disabled residents with a 24-hour emergency response team.

RemiHub – Inner-City Delivery Hubs

Public transport operational areas become dual-use intelligent distribution hubs, to help reduce delivery vehicle traffic and promote sustainability goals in the city.

Adopt a Grandad

This project in Milan represents ‘a meal across generations’ as senior citizens share their lunchtime with schoolchildren, increasing social cohesion.

Project Arraigo

A social enterprise facilitates the transition from urban to rural living by working with rural communities to help them integrate new arrivals.

The Wild Child’s Sanctuary

An outdoor adventure playground gives children the opportunity to explore nature with their peers under the supervision of specially trained play workers.

DB Rad+ App – Rewards for Cycling

Hamburg adopts the DB Rad+ app which employs gamification techniques and incentives to encourage cycling, and enables the city to make targeted infrastructure developments and promote local businesses.

Free Public Transportation

A Municipality in Bulgaria offers free public transport by purchasing its own buses instead of hiring a company to provide the service.