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We Drive Local Action

The members of the ACT NOW Mayors’ Network drive local action and are not afraid to break new ground. They have successfully implemented innovative projects in their municipalities. We highlight and present these projects to inspire other local leaders to take bold action.

The Innovation in Politics Institute provides access to a treasure of around 400 best practices, covering a broad range of local solutions. A new process of inter-municipal learning supports members to translate best practices into tangible and sustainable local action. Therefore, we identify the best practices which are most relevant to specific members based on their individual needs. As a tool for scaling and implementing best practices to individual local contexts, we develop best practice prototypes. Committed municipalities take part in a holistic process which allows them to successfully plan, implement and monitor local action. To support this process, municipalities can also apply to host an ACT NOW Local Change Lab in their municipality.

Learn more about projects implemented by members of the ACT NOW Mayors' Network:

Summer Urban Camp

The Summer Urban Camp on the Greek island of Chios lets children take part in diverse activities over the three months of their summer holiday, allowing their parents to continue to work.

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Pop Up on Vivid Street

Child and youth participation is an all year activity in Postojna, involving different governmental, NGO, and private stakeholders that organise workshops and festivals.

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Cuckoo’s Nest

An apartment in a neighbourhood gets converted into a centre which serves the needs of many migratory residents, by offering educational help, care services, language courses, and various other services.

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