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La Noche es Joven (The Night is Young)

La Noche es Joven (The Night is Young) is a programme initiated by the City Council of Santander that opens its facilities to the youth of the city at night, on weekends, to offer a series of different activities.

Life Mentorship Programme

The Life Mentorship Programme sees socially excluded people paired with mentors for a year, to help them reintegrate into normal life.

Madrid Innovation Lab

Madrid City Council launching the Madrid Innovation Lab to bring knowledge of new technologies to citizens and small companies and create a robust ecosystem around them.


Children learn about democracy through the game “Mayority”, in which players take on the role of a Mayor.

Mini.Stadt 2025 Strategy

The Mini.Stadt participation strategy has led Lichtensteig to become an innovative, modern, and cosmopolitan place, in the middle of rural and mostly conservative surroundings.

The Winners
of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2024

SeaProtectorOne, Aarhus

The SeaProtectorOne robot is installed at the river mouth in Aarhus, where the river flows into the harbour, removing rubbish before it enters the sea.