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Country: Germany

Digital Villages

Rural communities connect online through a development project that supports local businesses.

Diversity Management

The City of Mannheim sets the pace for respectful, intercultural urban coexistence, with a round table on diversity management and strategies, such as anonymous application procedures.

Eberswalde Citizens’ Budget

A system of participatory budgeting is questioned and redefined in order to encourage maximum participation with a low-threshold voting event.

Education Fair

Youth from disadvantaged schools learn to take responsibility in a four-day fair, organising workshops and performances along various themes.

Electoral District Citizen Assemblies

Electoral District Citizen Assemblies (EDCAs) renew the relationship between residents and their local MPs, with a focus on engaging with those people who are disillusioned and frustrated with the current political scene. Anywhere around Europe a growing number of citizens – the “invisible third” – feels left behind by the political establishment. EDCAs are a low-threshold approach to involve all parts of society into a non-partisan political debate based on random selection and door to door motivation to participate.

Flat-Exchange Coordination Office

A flat-exchange coordination office is set up to tackle the issue of a limited housing market and ensure that residents have both affordable and appropriate housing.

Good Godesberg

Providing food and hospitality amidst a wave of refugees arriving in this locality in Western Germany makes the new immigrants feel welcome and gives them a fresh start into their new lives.

The Winners
of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2021

Summer of Pioneers, Wittenberge

A small but well-connected town attracts young remote workers to the area by offering them a year in discounted accommodation and access to a co-working space.

SHE – See Her Elected

This community-led initiative supports women into politics in rural areas of Ireland, strengthening local and national democracy by increasing the diversity of political participation.

Brake the Curve

The Government of Aragon enabled the creation of platform that channelled the spontaneous civic initiatives that arose as a response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.