Best Practice in Politics

We curate exemplary political work that successfully tackles today’s most pressing issues. This platform is a hub of tried and tested best practices in politics.

Marriage Equality

The traditionally controversial measure of same-sex marriage is first introduced by referendum, which leads to its legalisation in Ireland.

Music School in the Country

A professionally organised music school in a rural community in Poland elevates the local culture and artistic interest.

No Wrong Door

Structural changes within council care break the negative cycle for young people, with the introduction of comprehensive, multidisciplinary teams.

One-Day Labour Contracts

Working conditions are protected in Bulgaria by a recent law, guaranteeing farm labourers proper pay and insurance through short-term work contracts.

Open Gdansk

An open data website fosters trust between the city and its inhabitants, making its expenses and other assets transparent.

Parliament & Citizens

Using the power of collective intelligence, this association seeks input from ordinary citizens to collaborate with MPs on drafting bills.

The Winners
of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2021

Rijnvliet Edible Neighbourhood

Participatory co-design creates a residential neighbourhood around accessible urban agriculture, enhancing the quality of life for inhabitants and the rich biodiversity for all living things.

Brake the Curve

The Government of Aragon enabled the creation of platform that channelled the spontaneous civic initiatives that arose as a response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Arraigo

A social enterprise facilitates the transition from urban to rural living by working with rural communities to help them integrate new arrivals.